Why DVMmatch?

Here at DVMmatch, we want nothing more than to help veterinarians take the next big step in their professional lives. That might mean looking for their first practice or veterinary associateship opportunities out of veterinary school, or moving to a different state and buying a practice. For some, it means a practice has grown to a size where the time has come to add an associate, while other veterinarians just want to retire after a long and fruitful career taking care of a community’s many and varied veterinary needs.

Any veterinarian wants this next step in their professional life to be a successful one, and DVMmatch exists to ensure that they find the success they desire. We have fine-tuned a process that matches up eager young veterinarians with new practices and associates, while also finding associates and buyers for veteran practices eager for change. No matter where a veterinarian is in their professional life or where in the United States they want to live and work next, we offer the solutions necessary to ensure they find everything they need without having to take on the financial and professional burdens of starting from scratch.

If you are looking to sell a veterinary practice or want to peruse current veterinary practices for sale, DVMmatch can help. Our job is to find and match up professional partners in veterinary care, so sign up with us today to take advantage of our many and comprehensive services for veterinarians.

Hire an Associate

In many ways, building a veterinary practice that has grown too successful for you to run all by yourself is a good problem to have. It means patients are happy with the care they receive in your building and have referred their friends and family to schedule appointments as well. While busy days and steady cash flow are good things, the stress that comes with overwhelming success can make it hard to enjoy it all. That’s where hiring an associate veterinarian can be a logical next step to relieve some pressure.

DVMmatch can help interested veterinary practices find veterinary associates for their practice once the need to hire one arrives. It is no exaggeration to say that hiring an associate is one of the more important career choices a veterinarian will ever make, which is exactly why it’s essential to find the right match. We can help you locate the best fit from among those that use our service.

Whether your practice has gotten so large that you just can’t do it on your own anymore, or whether you’re planning to retire in the next few years and want to bring on an associate to ease into your practice’s next iteration slowly and smoothly, we can help match you up with eager veterinarians in search of just such an opportunity. An associate can completely change your professional life, so rest easy knowing DVMmatch will help you find the right person to ensure that change is for the better!

Find an Associateship

While many veterinarians dream of running their own practice someday, the reality is that many veterinarians get their starts as associates. Whether you are landing your first job fresh out of veterinary school or simply relocating to a different part of the country, finding the best associate positions can sometimes feel like a real burden. These types of job listings can get lost in the torrent of other career options on some of the major job listing websites, but here at DVMmatch we focus only on veterinary associateship and veterinary practices.

In other words, if you are looking for an associate position somewhere in the continental United States, we very likely can help you find application opportunities with respected practices looking to bring on someone new. Once we find a match, you will be given the opportunity to interview with the interested practice, not only so they can determine how they believe you would fit into their existing business, but also so you can assess the fit for yourself. More than anything, we want to find all parties their ideal partners in veterinary care, and we know it isn’t easy. In fact, that is precisely why we specialize exclusively in veterinary associateship positions.

If you are interested in a new position with an existing veterinary practice, sign up for the services of DVMmatch. We want to find you the perfect place to work with a staff who will appreciate what you can do to make their practice run more smoothly and efficiently.

Sell My Practice

Building a veterinary practice from the ground-up is hard work. Over the course of many years, a veterinarian or group of veterinarians will have put in countless hours establishing a patient base and providing those people with the sort of high-quality care that keeps them coming back. With so much time invested in the patients, employees, and even the building itself, it can be hard to walk away if or when it comes time to relocate or retire. DVMmatch can help put minds at ease not only by finding a new buyer for the practice, but also by helping ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible for all the patients and employees who don’t want to skip a beat.

Once the time comes to sell a veterinary practice, reach out to DVMmatch so we can add your listing to our expansive database of veterinary practices for sale in the United States. As one of the most respected resources in the industry for buying and selling veterinary practices, this is where interested buyers go to find their next veterinary practice, so making yourself seen here is the first step toward selling your practice to a reputable veterinarian excited to take over ownership.

DVMmatch will help with every step of the process, but once you know it’s time to sell the practice, reach out so we can start helping with the transition to ensure that your veterinary practice remains successful long after you’ve left it in the trusted hands of new ownership.

Buy a Practice

In many ways, buying a veterinary practice is a lot like buying a house. Interested parties scour available listings in their area of interest, then make an offer and ultimately take over ownership. The purchase of a veterinary practice can be tougher to navigate in some ways because the listings can be much harder to find. That’s why DVMmatch specializes in finding the best veterinary practices for sale in several U.S. locations. We want potential buyers to find their perfect fit.

While it is possible for a young veterinarian to start a practice from scratch, buying an existing practice offers more than its fair share of unique benefits. For example, existing practices have an established patient base, which means immediate cash flow. Anybody who has ever run a business knows not all businesses are so lucky to hit the ground running financially. A complete staff already will be in place, and DVMmatch works with that staff to ensure a smooth transition to new ownership with minimal interruption in workflow. Finally, existing practices have established relationships with insurance providers, making that aspect of practice ownership easier.

There are many ways to buy a veterinary practice, and DVMmatch is here to help new or relocating veterinarians find what they need in their new location. Whether you are ready for a 100% buyout or a more gradual buy-in, DVMmatch can help with the details and get you practicing profitably in no time.