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While there are countless factors to consider when it comes to buying and selling veterinary hospitals, one of the most important is what happens during the transition. These types of transactions are not only about the veterinarians doing the selling and the veterinarians doing the buying. It also affects a building full of employees and a long list of veterinary patients that would rather not see any major interruptions in their schedules.

To help with your veterinary transition, DVMmatch has put into place what we call the Trusted Transition Process. This process is designed to ensure that even as a hospital undertakes a change in ownership, the employees at that hospital can still count on a paycheck. All the patients with forthcoming appointments can count on the new owner of the hospital to honor their calendars.

There are many different aspects to the Trusted Transition Process, each of which is designed to make sure the incoming veterinarian can pick up where the outgoing veterinarian left off. This can involve DVMmatch helping a new veterinarian visualize what they want for themselves and their hospital moving forward, but it also involves finding the best match possible for those buying veterinary hospitals for sale. It even makes sure that current employees don’t see any disruption in their benefits as the hospital turns over to ownership. In a nutshell, the Trusted Transition Process exists so only the buyer and seller notice major changes. For everyone else, the transition should be as seamless as possible.

Conceptual Transition Experience

We help visualize your future, set achievable goals and devise strategies to start you in the direction of your post-transition dreams, well in advance of your intended transition timeframe.

Strategic Hospital Outreach

We identify the unique aspects of your hospital and share them strategically and confidentially with our extensive network of pre-screened viable candidates and companies looking to expand. We pair today’s technology with a human touch to determine potential matches.

Trusted Valuation Analysis
In the creation of a Business Valuation, your hospital will be analyzed by Certified Valuation Analysts from a respected CPA firm with veterinary industry expertise. Their findings are fair, reliable and respected by banking institutions. This analysis leads the financial process for all parties.
Hospital Opportunity Blueprint

Using a client dashboard, the Hospital Opportunity Blueprint will reveal your hospital’s potential in a report that covers all aspects of your hospital. This blueprint of opportunities details the potential areas for growth for you, and for a potential buyer.

DVMmatch Interview Alignment

After potential matches are discerned, our advisors will lead an in-depth interview so you can determine the best match for yourself, your staff and your patients.

Veterinary Advisory Connection

We work with Attorneys, Accountants, Practice Management Consultants and Financial Advisors with veterinary experience to foster a smooth transition. Our Professionals will also assist in lease negotiation or real estate.

Vision Alignment Completion
For the final stage of the process, our team will engage advisors from both sides to provide the necessary documents, including purchase agreements, post-transition employment agreements and building leases to successfully complete The Trusted Transition Process