Matthew Veatch, DVMmatch

Successfully Connecting The Veterinarian’s Present With Their Future

Serving Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas & Louisiana


Matthew Veatch, DVMmatch

Matthew Veach, DVMmatch

Helping Veterinarians Transition in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas & Louisiana

Matthew Veatch brings nearly 20 years of healthcare industry experience to DVMmatch. After attending the University of Southern Maine, Matthew founded Veatch Consulting, a national dental consulting firm. Three years ago, he founded PPOExperts, a national PPO credentialing & negotiations firm. Inspired by his work in healthcare, Matthew knew veterinarians could also benefit from his expertise. Known for going the extra mile for his clients, Matthew keeps in constant communication, believes in prompt follow up, and in providing quality results. Outside of DVMmatch, Matthew enjoys spending time with his wife Aralyn, and their 4 daughters. A self proclaimed foodie, he loves travel and playing golf.