Managing Cyber Risk at Your Veterinary Hospital and Why It’s Important

Jul 3, 2024 | Articles

Technology is evolving rapidly, and so are cyber threats. For instance, you’ve heard about phishing, but what about smishing and vishing? We know the open web, but what about the deep web and the dark web? What makes you or your practice interesting to hackers? And what can you do about it?

DVMmatch Professionals John Kuriger & Kelly Jackson participated in a webinar with Huntington Bank discussing current threats to veterinary practices, how AI has impacted the threat level, and most importantly the steps you can take now to secure your practice from cyber security threats now-and in the future.

Hear from Johnathon Northup, Director of Practice Finance, Huntington Bank, and John Kuriger & Kelly Jackson, DVMmatch, and featured presenter Amber Buening, Security Outreach Director at Huntington Bank.

Amber shares that data is just as lucrative as cash to the perpetrators attacking hospitals-and the threats are growing. Anyone who banks, sends or receives emails, or keeps client records is at risk. While that may sound intimidating,
Amber wants you to feel empowered, not frightened. As she shares her expertise, you will learn practical steps and preventative strategies and be connected with resources to help you secure the financial, business and client data of your practice—and your personal data as well.

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